Mis-Sold Pensions Scandal

The pensions mis-selling scandal of the late 1980s rumbles on. More than a million people are thought to have been incorrectly advised to take out personal plans when they would have been better off in a company scheme.

Compensation has been paid to hundreds of thousands of people, but not every case has been cleared up. And while the watchdogs have tightened up all the rules on pension selling it is still possible for bad advice to have been given.

Experts said the revelations could open the floodgates to claims, with as many as 100,000 people a year estimated to have been sold inappropriate retirement contracts between 2007 and 2013.

Savers who successfully appeal against mis-selling could in some cases obtain pension increases worth thousands of pounds a year.

Ros Altmann, an adviser to the Government on older people, said: “This is possibly the worst mis-selling scandal ever seen in Britain, including PPI, because it concerns people’s life savings and the sales are irreversible.

In light of this we have set up Caledonia Pensions Claims Ltd to help our growing base of existing clients receive the compensation they deserve. This service is also available to new customers , see below how to take your enquiry further .

Take our Pensions Review Service – For just a small charge ( £250 ) we will either :

Instigate a claim on your behalf against your previous pension company or Advisor if we feel there are sufficient grounds (dependent upon the amount in your pension the rebate could run into many thousands of pounds)

Or , if there are no grounds for a complaint then we will guarantee to show how we can improve your existing pension to give you a higher return when you reach retirement age .

This could either be a significant reduction on the usually high administration charges on your pension (by at least the amount we charge for the pensions review) , or to point you in the direction of better performing funds that will boost your amount on retirement to make those years when you should be “kicking back “ and enjoying life a bit easier on your pocket .

This makes this service to you not only helpful and professional but potentially profitable no matter which side your review falls .

To start this service please email us on info@caledoniapensions.com

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