Trio Meeting

Our service is highly favoured by IFAs and Accountants as our service avoids the risk of cross-selling and allows IFAs to provide advice without the costly recruitment of administrators.

In our experience, some IFA’s would like to administer more business but do not have the resources to handle multiple clients and products simultaneously.

Some IFA’s are restricted by the numbers of paraplanners that they can employ, this can be costly and at a time where business may be slower an unnecessary expense to the business.

Caledonia has excellent technical ability within its` staff pool coupled with a wealth of necessary administrative experience, but as we are not authorised by the FCA to provide financial advice, we can offer a perfect solution to the current problem of loss of business for the IFA by allowing them to spend their valuable time doing what they are qualified for, giving advice.

Caledonia can offer your business loyalty and peace of mind in helping with handling the most important part of your business, your clients.

Our fees are extremely competitive and more importantly, our fees are at a fixed rate. Therefor as an IFA, you are able to easily budget for the competitive running of your business costs.