Business MeetingCaledonia was formed to provide administration support and technical guidance for IFA firms and individual IFA`s throughout the UK.

We only deal with clients indirectly or through professional contacts such as IFAs, accountants and solicitors.

We will assist them in the tedious administration and paperwork concerning the following products and services:

  • Personal Pensions
  • Occupational and Company Pensions
  • Individual Savings Accounts (ISA)
  • Cash Investments

The appointed IFA will review current pension(s), savings &/or investments and compare them with what is available in the wider market to then offer, only if suitable, a more tailored and rewarding investment for their clients. It should be noted that at times the advice of an IFA would be that your current plan is perfectly suited to you and your needs and the advice may be to stay with the provider you currently have.

If you do not have an IFA, we can still assist you as we can recommend a number of Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) regulated advisors that you can deal with.

We understand our clients prefer a personal service rather than being treated as a number within a large organisation, customer satisfaction is, therefore, our priority.

Our vast knowledge of the technical aspects of the administration of pension products is responsible for Caledonia being able to provide an IFA business with a service that is second to none.

Please call us to see how we can help your business handle more cases, efficiently, profitably and importantly in a compliant manner.